Because Zillow estimates the price of a home, it’s often used as a tool by both homebuyers and home sellers. However, users may not understand how the website’s Zestimate is calculated and find faith in a number that could be, in reality, too high or too low.

This is how it’s calculated:

Zillow computes a price from an algorithm, which is based predominantly on past tax records. Because these records aren’t current, it does not show an accurate representation of a home’s current price.

A Zestimate does not have all of the information, such as data from our MLS or prices from homes sold by builders. Without these, the Zestimate is not a true reflection of property value.

“There is no way for Zillow to be truly accurate.”

To find an accurate number, it’s a good idea to call a real estate agent. We’re able to pull numbers from tax rolls, builders, our MLS, and nearby homes that have sold. An agent can also compare the condition of a sold home to yours—something that Zillow is unable to do.

There is no way for Zillow to be truly accurate. The website even tells you their prices are at least 5% to 6% off.

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